Before you purchase with a ferry company, check with Linstone Chine office on 01983 755933. If you are renting a property at Brambles Chines or Cliff End sites, we may be able to offer you a better price.

CAR and PASSENGERS Ferry Crossing

Lymington to Yarmouth OR Portsmouth to Fishbourne (Wightlink)
Wightlink Online Booking
Tel: (+44) 0333 999 7333

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Wight Link - Part of Island Life


Southampton to East Cowes (Red Funnel)
Red Funnel Online Booking
Tel: (+44) 0844 844 9988
Fax: (+44) 0844 844 9998
Email: post@redfunnel.co.uk

Red Funnel



Portsmouth to Ryde Pier (Wightlink Catamaran)
Wightlink Catamaran Online Booking
Tel: (+44) 0870 582 7744

Southampton to West Cowes (Red Funnel Hi-Speed Red Jet)
Red Funnel Online Booking
Tel: (+44) 0844 844 9988
Fax: (+44) 0844 844 9998
Email: post@redfunnel.co.uk

Red Funnel’s sleek Red Jet Hi-Speed ferry service operates throughout the year between the UK Port of Southampton and West Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

There are sailings every 30 minutes at peak times including Saturdays and every 60 minutes at off-peak times. The service is for foot passengers only and the crossing takes under 25 minutes at speeds up to 40 knots!. The Steam Coffee Company has outlets at the terminals and refreshments are available onboard.

The service is ideal for foot passengers making business or leisure trips to Cowes, the spiritual home of yacht racing, or the pretty town of Gurnard, East Cowes or Northwood and of course Newport, the Island’s commercial heart.

Red Funnel High Speed

Southsea to Ryde (Hovertravel Hovercraft)
Hovertravel Online Booking
Tel: (+44) 01983 811000

Your Fastest Ferry Link from Portsmouth (Southsea) – Isle of Wight (Ryde)

Hovertravel provides the fastest Isle of Wight ferry service across the Solent and is the world’s longest running and only commercial hovercraft operator in Europe. Our passenger ferry service takes you directly to the shore at Southsea or Ryde in just 10 minutes. Easy onward travel connections are available with our Hoverbus to Portsmouth, bus and train connections at Ryde plus large car parks at both terminals. Hovertravel – The 10 minute ferry link to the Isle Of Wight.

Hover Travel Isle of Wight