Holiday Information


All the bungalows in Linstone Chine’s letting service are inspected and graded annually by VisitEngland Assessment Services, renowned for their thoroughness and consistency.

To ensure the very best for our guests we now only take bungalows that have attained the coveted 3 star rating and to ensure they are easily recognised on our site we have designed our own plaque.

This plaque donates that the bungalow has met the stringent VisitEngland standards that guests have the right to expect.


Disability Access

Requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) have been introduced gradually since 1996 and Part III refers to disabled access which covers the provision of goods, facilities or services to the public and those selling, letting or managing premises. The Act makes it unlawful for service providers, landlords and other persons to discriminate against disabled people in certain circumstances. All holiday bungalows are assessed and access statements can be found at the bottom of each bungalows main page.